Friday, July 21, 2006

The 2006 Worst Woman Driver Award

We're still waiting on Arlene's personal entry amongst others, but, so far, here are the entrants:


I really can't laugh at that second to the last one.... I've been there.


Arlene said...

The photos are scary and hilarious! So far I haven't ventured out on my own yet and so have been continuously prevented from bringing harm to myself. 9th place looks like something I could eventually do. Gulp. 1st place, too. Teehee.

Congrats on winning the Desert Moon Review "cento" challenge. Your entry is fabulous!! The best cento I've ever read.


KL said...

I am so glad you read this first! I couldn't help but think of you when a bud sent these pics to me.

And congrats on being my FIRST post-- lol now I know the thing works.

I suppose I should advertise, but, (gasp) that may means I hafta keep up with the BLOG. I've never been good at commitment, I have references.

(wink) Glad you enjoyed.


Arlene said...

you have references for not being good at commitment? you must be extra-nice! the ones i've failed are no longer on speaking terms with me. hee. poetry muse included.

and i should remind you that you haven't yet written anything for august. teehee. i *do* love being a nag.


KL said...

I need a nag. I do! LOL I have things I've written and I guess I might as well post them here...

Thanks bud! How's the driving? I'll check the blog.

And get off my back, will ya?!