Sunday, August 06, 2006

Thanks to Arlene's nagging I suppose I have to contribute to this blog thing.
M, over at Wild Poetry Forum always has a good challenge going each week. Arlene, if you're listening, one of the challenges produced that poem you chose for the nasty issue of Poems Niederngasse. (grin) This week, M demanded we write her a poem that smells, and harder yet, it must smell like Anger. Of course she added limit and form just to piss us off.

Here's my effort:

This Anger Smells Like

Carpet the color of beer old torn
barstool barstool barstool
post-it notes tickets permits
this picture of a faded bitch

who watches this Chanel №5
pretender this one
red ethyl butyl nail held
together by a latex

band-aid that smells
like tequila and lime taste
like a pissy toilet under a chin
the ripe kiwi

from a trash bin sappy
nicotine on her hair his belt
buckle’s cold metallic click
starch bristled skin

dead crickets on a damp floor lavender
soap and this woman
who cheats on my husband
watching me smell her hand.


Arlene said...

oh ho ho!! thanks, k. i think this is exactly what i need to get me off the slump. the challenges sounds wunduhful!

and great poem! it's vicious — which makes me worshipful, particularly in the ending. aaaaaaah and aaaaargh. what a smell. has nice waft of murder, too.


KL said...

lol yep, no way of getting THAT smell off. There's a Prose challenge at Desert Moon this week.. Take a look.