Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lisa over at Wild recommended Poetry Thursday. I checked it out and Yes! this is a good place to hang, read, and, get kick-started.

Copied from Poetry Thursday:

"Have you had a moment in your life when there were words on the tip of your tongue, yet you chose not to say them? Have you thought about a past conversation and wished you would have known what you know now to say things differently? Are there conversations you have had in your head but have never said aloud? Maybe there are artifacts in your life waiting to tell you where they have been and what they know."

This week's prompt is: Unfinished conversations.

Here's my effort:

The Key

While cleaning out the junk drawer
I find a key I do not recognize.

Something forgotten like a Tinkerbelle cake
ordered for a little girl’s birthday;

the directions back from a store
on vacation; a memory

as significant as a storage shed filled
with boxes of family photos and Christmas

decorations; a bicycle locked to a pole
abandoned like a husband repairing

a pipe in a basement or the door
to a home where I once belonged. I taste it.

The metal on my tongue reminds me
of something I have no right to describe.


twitches said...

The details are wonderful - the taste of metal, the Tinkerbell cake. Too many to list, really. Nicely done.

KL said...

Thanks t, appreciate it!


ecm said...

I like this focus on one simple object and all that it conjures.

BessieSnickers said...

Love the concept of unfinished stuff languishing in the junk drawer- it's so rich, you could probably write for years just on the stuff in there. Thanks for the glimpse!

KL said...

Thanks ecm and bessie!

You know, I prolly could write forever from in that drawer, then the closet, garage...


Michelle Fry said...

Superb poem. Isn't Poetry Thursday great? I just discovered it too and love it.

By the way, I love how you have "the kinds with words" throughout all the categories of your profile. Brilliant, made me want to read your words since it was obvious you love language.

KL said...

Thanks Michelle!

Yes, it is a cool site! Nice the way it links us-- but then, hey! I'm new that this blog thing.

Thanks for complimenting the curtains as well as the poem.


Sea Dream Studio said...

K~ I know this drawer. Wonderful work!
take care~dale

michelle said...

Great images, I love how you use few words, but some strong images to say alot.

Superhero Activist said...

As you have your drawer, I have my catalog. It's amazing what you find in them, pouring over their contents on rainy afternoons when the past is nearer than it should be.

The poem was so corpreal, present in the images you described, the act of tasting that key and the metal residue on your tongue. A veritable sensory explosion.

KL said...

Thank D, michelle and superhero!

Appreciate the comments.


my backyard said...

I'm intrigued by the many directions the key leads you

Dana said...

Love. The. Ending.


KL said...

Thanks Lynn! Appreciate. it.


Sacred Suzie said...

OK, now I want to know what a Tinkerbelle cake looks like? I mean, I can see it, but what does it taste like? Can't help it, love baking.

This poem really flows well and yes, the imagery is fantastic, so real and specific. Wonderful work.

Khalil A. said...

Hey, that's pretty cool! Yes, the ending is indeed kind of, special.

KL said...

suzie, (now that's a baker's name if I EVER heard one. (grin)

First you start with a little fairy dust
2 eggs
1 cup of flour...

Thanks for stopping by.

KL said...

Thanks khalil! Appreciate it!


Catherine said...

We all seem to have one of those drawers, don't we. I can never throw out old keys, just in case I figure out what they are for.
The ending really adds a mystery to the poem - I like it.

January said...

I like how the key unlocks the rest of the poem, with a great last line for an ending.

Very cool.

KL said...

Thanks Catherine and January!